Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Purex Complete Crystals Softener Review

I was chosen as a Purex Insider a few weeks ago and when I got back from my trip to TN, my new Purex Complete Crystals was waiting on my porch!! I was so excited! I ALWAYS use liquid fabric softener. I had no idea what the liquid fabric softeners where doing to my clothes though. The only thing I did know was my clothes came out so soft!  Some things I learned about the differences between liquid and the crystals are :
  • Almost all traditional liquid fabric softeners are oil based, which means they work by coating your fabric in oil!! (YUCKY!)
  • Over time this oily residue builds up, which allows dirt and other debris to stick to fabrics. This decreases the lifespan of your fabrics because it inhibits  the proper cleaning of your laundry and leads to unwanted grey or yellow discoloration. 
  • Purex Complete Crystals Softeners  are 92% natural, not oil based like other liquid fabric softeners, so instead of coating the fabrics with oil, they work by penetrating the fabrics and infusing fibers with freshness that lasts for weeks, not days.
  • The oily residue left behind by traditional fabric softeners can interfere with the absorbency of fabrics, like towels.
  • Consequently, most liquid fabric softeners are not appropriate to use on towels as the oily coating inhibits the towels's ability to absorb moisture from your body or dishes. (My grandmother told me this years ago and I just thought she was nuts. Who knew? LOL)
  • Using Purex Complete Crystals Softeners instead of traditional liquid fabric softeners will ensure your towels stay fresh and absorbent. (It really does this)
  • All traditional oil based fabric softeners can also make your children's sleepwear less safe!!!! 
  • The Consumer Products Safety Commission regulates that garments designated as sleepwear for children must meet certain flame retardant standards. Clothing must be flame resistant and self-extinguish if they come in contact with a small flame. 
  • Clothing fibers are treated to meet these standards and the effectiveness of this treatment can be impaired when coated with oily residue left by most traditional liquid fabric softeners.
  • Purex Complete Crystals Softener is the first major softener that is 100% safe to use on children's sleepwear as it does not impair these flame retardant qualities.
  • Traditional oil based liquid fabric softeners can reduce the effectiveness of your sportswear.
  • Sportswear's wicking fabrics are modern technical fabrics, often made of high-tech polyester, which draw moisture and perspiration away from the body.
  • Oily residue left behind by traditional liquid fabric softeners can reduce the effectiveness of wicking fabrics preventing them from drawing sweat away from your body during a workout.
  • Purex Complete Crystals Softener does not inhibit wicking fabrics, making it safe to use on all of your active and athletic wear.

Since I always use fabric softener, usually the liquid, and after reading all about the differences in the two types of fabric softeners I gave Purex Complete Crystals Softener a try and I have to say I was truly impressed! For real! My clothes came out soft! I thought to myself, "there is no way that these little crystals that go in the wash the same time as the detergent are going to work." I am please to say I was pleasantly surprised! So seriously give it a try!!

I was given a product to try and give my true and honest opinions about. These are my own opinions!!!