Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This and That

Well, My Emma Bug woke me up at 6:25 AM! Pair that with a very rough night's sleep and you have one sleepy mommy! Ted is gone to work, Isabella is still sleeping, and Emily is watching Nick Jr all while I am enjoying the quiet time. In this house, quiet is a luxury I do not get very often :)

Being a mommy is the greatest thing ever, however, we do need our occasional breaks no matter how small. Me and some of my friends are going for a night out on September 24th so I have decided to start my diet so that one of the first 3 gorge days of my diet falls on that day. Speaking of my friends, I have some awesome ones. Being a military wife is not always the easiest but to me it is the most rewarding. I get to meet some awesome people and most of those friendships last a lifetime! I also have a wonderful family and a husband that is supportive no matter what I do or look like! He knows I am doing this diet for ME and no one else. And supports that. He wants me to be happy and feel good about myself. He has told me no matter my weight it is all about how I feel about myself. If you do not like yourself then others see that and eventually that "depressed" attitude runs others off. You have to do it for yourself because if you try and do it to please others you are going to fail! I know first hand with all the diets I tried before gastric bypass. I remember before I lost all of the weight from gastric I didn't like to go out and I slept all the time (this was before my babies were born of course). I cannot imagine going back to that state! If you are like that maybe it is time you do something about it. Gastric or the HCG diet may not be the thing for you so try something that works for you. I promise when you start shedding the weight, you will feel better about you, have more energy, and a better love life!! Yes I said it! We are all adults here :)

Okay, I am done venting....for today anyway. Off to do the stay at home mommy thing. Everyone have a blessed day!

"This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it."
Psalm 118:24

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