Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lord, Give me strength

Today is going to be a long day! Emily has been getting up several times a night then up for the day at 6 AM most times! I am exhausted and have no clue what to do with her. I have tried everything I know to try. She shares a room with her sister and will wake her up too. HELP! Any suggestions would be appreciated.

We have a few errands to run as soon as Isabella gets up. Then back home from naps...hopefully! Hey, I am wondering if I take away her nap how would she be? She is 3 1/2 so is she ready for that? Anyway, back on track. Lets see, the list of things to do today. First, take Ted's cleats back to the store. Second, mail off the laptop to CyberPower so it can be fixed. Third, go to the commissary and get stuff to make banana pudding for Ted to take to work tomorrow. Fourth, go to the BX/PX and see about getting Ted a white t shirt and black shorts for Monday. I THINK that is all. Who knows.

Next week I order my drops!! YAY! I start my diet on September 24th and I can't wait for my blog to start being about what it is supposed to be. I will be posting recipes and some more info as the big day approaches and also a list of things that are needed for this diet. If you have any questions about the diet I will be starting check out DIY HCGSimply hCG (this is where I will be getting my drops and she is a trusted military wife stationed here at McGuire AFB), and my friend's blog who has already went through a round of this diet and looks amazing, My Journey From Flab to Fab.

As always, I hope everyone has a blessed day and remember Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ which strengthenth me." Please don't forget to check out the verse of the day on the right hand side of the page.


Iwrite2 said...

Good luck! I'll be cheering for you along the way.

AirForceWife1978 said...

Thanks so much girl! How have you been!? I love the new pics too. You are beautiful!!