Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Man oh man is it hot!

It is just pure hot outside right now. HUMID and HOT! I am ready for fall! Where are you? It has been a heck of a day already and it is only 2:30! The girls and I went to the commissary this morning for a few groceries, went and got them and Ted some lunch, then back home to eat and unload the car, and then finally naps. Oh and I forgot to mention, I purchased tickets this morning to see Trans Siberian Orchestra for November 20th! They will be in right down the road in Philadelphia and I can't wait. I really do LOVE them! We had gotten tickets to go last year but then Ted got deployed to Afghanistan and I ended up giving them away. I regretted not going in a way, but in a bigger way wanted to share that experience with my Ted.

The girls are still napping and I am enjoying my nice cool house and the quiet. Thank you God for my air conditioned house. I think when Ted gets home we will be going to get him fitted for a suit he needs for a conference he is going to in Orlando in October. I mean really, a suit? He is in the military and it is mainly a military conference and you want him to buy a suit!? What happened the wearing his uniform!? It is much cheaper ;)

On a diet note, I am anxious to start my diet and wish my month visitor would make an early appearance so I could start it earlier. I am ready for a skinnier, sexier, happier me. I hope everyone had a blessed rest of the day.

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