Thursday, November 4, 2010

Veterans and Active Duty Eat FREE on November 11th

It's Our Way of Making Up For all Those MREs*.
Chili's salutes our veterans and those on active military duty.  Attack some Chicken Club Tacos!
Come in Thursday, November 11 and get your free choice of one of 6 great entrees,  none of which are served in vacuum-sealed plastic bags, or even require hydration!    You've served your country.  Now we look forward to serving you!

Click here for a list of Veteran's Day Meals!!!!
Also check out my earlier post about Applebees doing the same thing!



Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this- I thought Applebee's was the only restaurant that did this!


AirForceWife and Mommy of Two said...

You are welcome. I got an email from them today :)