Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wordish/Wordfilled Wednesday/iFellowship

Wordish Wednesday

Verse of the Day:

Better is the poor that walketh in his integrity, than he that is perverse in his lips, and is a fool. Proverbs 19:1

Hello y'all. I hope everyone has had a blessed day so far. Things have been pretty laid back here the last 2 days but that is not the case for the rest of the week. We are getting ready to celebrate my daughter's 2nd birthday. I can't believe it has been almost 2 years since she was born. It really does seem like yesterday. They grow up so fast.

This was minutes after she was born
The day we took her home
Getting her ready for her first trip out to eat. We went to Outback
Her first photo session (6 weeks old)
All ready for church

 Her first Easter

This was taken after her very first harvest festival. We don't celebrate Halloween :) 
Her first snow
This was taken at her first birthday party that her daddy missed due to a deployment 
This is my princess now!!

Looking back at pics, I am amazed at what I remember about each individual picture. Like when and where and why it was taken. I will be on and off for the next few days, but a very happy early birthday to my 2nd born little princess.



Lynda said...

My son's birthday is coming up soon, and I had the same thought of "Where did the time go." God bless you and thanks for sharing your photos of your beautiful princess.

Beth said...

You have lovely children. They do grow up fast. I remember when my daughter was two, so many years ago. Bless you! May the happy memories keep building.

AurieGood said...

Such cute photos! My daughter turned 3 last week I was amazed when I looked back through photos - they change so quickly!

Melissa said...

What great pictures! I know what you mean about remembering about each picture.

We're in NJ, too. :)

daylily777 said...

Happy Birthday to your little Princess!

Renee Ann said...

Great verse! Adorable pics! . . . I'm visiting from Word-filled Wednesday. Blessings!

AirForceWife and Mommy of Two said...

Thanks everyone! Hope everyone had a great day

Whidbey Woman said...

Your children are so precious! Yes, time does go by fast. Mine are in their 20s now. But I hold those baby and toddler days close to my heart. Enjoy! Happy Word Filled Wednesday, from Whidbey Island, Washington- Proud Home of Naval Air Station Whidbey. God bless our military and their families!