Friday, April 8, 2011

Government Shutdown

Hello everyone. Hope everyone is having an okay day. Wish mine was better. I am just scared to death about what is going to happen if our government does not reach some kind of agreement! But thanks to Luxury Living Frugal Style and National Military Family Association I have learned there will be some kind of relief for military members who will need it. I have learned too that retirees will not be affected by the shutdown in the event that there is one. Their funding comes from a different source. You can read more about what will happen here and also here

In a nutshell what will happen is:
The commissaries will be closed!
Government Employees will only receive 1/2 of their paycheck (April 1-8)
Military is still expected to report for duty and all those on TDYs NOT DEPLOYMENTS will be sent home.

All of this happens in the event a budget is not passed or Obama decides to veto the stopgap budget that will allow government employees an additional week of pay and the military to be paid through the end of the fiscal year. He has said he would veto this. That is another argument all together and I REALLY hope he does not make that mistake. You can read a bit about the stopgap here.

Below are some links that will be helpful in the event you will need aid until normal pay resumes.

Air Force Aid Society (AFAS)
Army Emergency Relief (AER)
Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA)
Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS)
Reserve Aid

I hope everyone has a good day and I pray that our government can reach a decision before it is too late.


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Beth said...

I hope that a decision can be reached too. Sometimes I think I could do a better job of running our country. :-)