Monday, August 22, 2011

What We Were Up to This Summer Part One

Verse of the Day:
"From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I." Psalm 61:2

Hello everyone! It is really good to be back :) Things have been a bit crazy for me but are starting to get much better. I have been through some personal things, but with God in charge, things are starting to get better.  Thanks to all who follow for not abandoning me while I was MIA. I am back and will start out slow at first before I get back into my daily posts. 

We have been busy bees this summer. We started with a trip to see family. What a trip that was but I do believe it was worth it.  Our first stop was in Garner, NC to see my wonderful SIL and her beautiful family. The girls had a blast playing with their 3 cousins who happen to be all girls.  We had a blast as well.

We went swimming, 
and visited a place called Marbles in Raleigh while we were there among a few other places.

From there we headed to Milton, FL which is right outside of Pensacola, FL to visit my parents and 2 brothers. I really miss my mom and dad so it was a good visit. We also got to visit Eglin AFB while we were there. AWESOME base by the way. We also go to visit The Creation Store and got to meet and talk with Eric Hovind son of Kent Hovind which was  real treat. It was such an awesome store and anyone in the Pensacola area needs to stop by for a visit.

We also went to the beach of course. Who goes to the "Emerald Coast", as that area of FL is known, and does not go to the beach? Now those are real beaches, where you can see to the bottom and the water is a clear emerald green and the sand is softy, white, and fluffy!

The girls had a blast in general, seeing Nanny and Pawpa

While we were there we also went to the Air Force Armament Museum right outside of Eglin AFB. What an awesome place.

There were lots more pics of course. They had tons of stuff. Our stay was too short to enjoy everything really and of course I can never see my parents too much. I miss them so much. I got to see them though and enjoy my daddy's good preaching.

After Milton we headed to TN to see my sisters and their kiddos. Also got to have dinner with some friends whom are really just like family. Had a good time. Only stayed for 1 day and 2 nights so not nearly long enough. My I did get to see my niece Bryleigh, the one that was born at 32 weeks. She is doing fantastic and is a little butter ball! 
She went from this
to this! 
God is good! I just think back to February and how her Mama and Daddy almost lost this precious little gift from God and I tear up and smile at the same time. To see her smile and doing so well makes "my heart feel super happy." 

We also stayed at Cumberland Mountain State Park in a rustic cabin. Very nice and very good price.  On the way back home we also had lunch with my sister Sarah and her son who is just 6 weeks older than my Bella Bear.
Sarah and Alex at Mimi's Cafe

Our time at the cabin

For our last stop we headed back up to NC to see my SIL one last quick time before heading home. It was a gorgeous drive. We drove through the Smokies. Man I miss the beauty of East TN! I will end the post now with some more pictures and a bible verse. I will post again this week about some more things we have enjoyed this summer. I hope everyone has a very blessed week.

"And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good....."
Genesis 1:31a


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