Thursday, April 12, 2012

Something You Need to Check Out For Yourselves

So Kim and I embarked on a journey and we need some help from you all. As few know energy (electrical power) has deregulated in most states now. Kim and I decided to get on board with a company known as Ignite, for which we are now proud associates. This will help give Kim more flexibility for earnings for the kids and such. Despite the aura provided by such shows as Army Wives we in the military do not make as much as you might think. Plus, and I think you all will agree with this, the economy is set up for dual income earning families. Which means you will always be behind on one income. How much income? Click on this.

Enter the Ignite associate plan. Now so far Ignite is in 5 states: New Jersey, Georgia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Texas. So if you are not in one of those states - this plan is not for you yet. They do plan on opening up in a few more states soon! So what is the plan? Well since electrical power is deregulated people have a choice in electrical energy - they can choose to switch to another provider. Most other providers offer lower rates. Ignite has very competitive rates and being an Ignite associate allows you to offer that rate to your friends and family and co-workers. This helps both you and them. They get a lower rate and you get customers. If people see the potential for this, as Kim and I did, they can become associates for you as well. This continues and the cycle continues.

I am asking all of you, in any of the aforementioned States, to become Ignite Associates. It has the great potential to provide a secondary income in a world full of needs. The hours are yours, the business is yours, if you know people who pay a power bill in those states - you have potential customers and associates already! People have stretched budgets in these times, electricity is a universal need in this nation. Buy or rent - you must have electricity!

If you would like to see our website click here. If you have questions
email us. If you are pumped up and want to join up click the join now button on our website. If you want to email us and talk over the phone or any other form of media - we are comfortable there as well. This represents a great opportunity for stable residual income. I am asking for Ignite Associates. So if you want to Ignite your future - this is how to do it!

Ted Griffith

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