Saturday, August 28, 2010

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

I am anxious to start this diet but have to wait until mid September. I am actually excited to start a diet for once! Is that possible? I wanted to thank Merr for telling me about the diet. She is on it now and is very successful!  I am hoping once you see how well I am doing on it that all of you that want to loose a few pounds will try it out too. I also want to thank Nicole for all of the great advice and for offering the HCG drops at fair prices. If you go to my home page and click on the tab at the top called "Helpful Links" you will see a website called Simply HCG! That is where I will be getting all of my drops. She has fair prices and the product is genuine. This day and age you have to be careful where you buy the drops.

Well I do believe it is time to start my day.

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