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American Sniper - The Autobiography of the MOST LETHAL SNIPER in US Military History

American Sniper
By: Navy Seal Chris Kyle
with Scott McEwen and Jim DeFelice

From 1999 to 2009, U.S. navy SEAL Chris Kyle recorded the most career sniper kills in United States military history. The book American Sniper tells the stories of SEAL Chris Kyle on his tours through Iraq. From Fallujah to Ramadi to Sadr City the stories are picked one by one for both entertainment and information. With over 150 kills Kyle protected fellow service members as well as the citizens of Iraq from those who would seek to kill them.

One story that I personally loved to read about was about 12 Tunisian insurgents (bad guys) who came out of building dressed in full battle gear. They were opposite the river from the SEAL position and a few hundred yards away. They had body armor and helmets and were very well equipped. The problem was the only way to cross the river was 3 over-sized beach balls. Kyle, who could see them all from his position, called for the other SEALs to also come and view this tactical misstep that the Tunisians were about to make. As the 12 descended into the river with 4 men holding onto each ball for dear life - for they were heavy laden. Kyle sniped the first beach ball and sent 3 men frantically to the other two remaining beach balls. Those who could not grab a hold onto a ball - promptly sank into the river. He popped the other two and 12 would be insurgents were laid to rest before they could inflict harm on friendly troops.

The honesty that Kyle conveys in the book is also stunning. He calls the insurgents 'savages' - which, in my opinion as well, they are. They have broken ranks with their country and countrymen to fight war against a stabilizing force who would give them a chance at democracy. He killed not for the country of Iraq - but for his fellow servicemen, such as myself. His only regret? That he could not kill more savages. He saved countless lives by removing the enemy often before they were even aware they were engaged in combat. All were armed and all were up no good.

Part of what got his kills as high as it did was the meticulous record keeping that Kyle did - who he shot, why, when, where and how many rounds were used. Ground forces would later proceed and confirm the kill. All of his shooting was 'above the board' and honorable under the rules of engagement.

Another aspect is the strategic impact of killing enough of the enemy to bring the tribal elders to the peace table. As was done in both Sadr City and Ramadi who initially did not want and though they could repel our forces. Kyle's ability to snatch the life out of a target struck so much fear into the insurgency they named him "The Devil", placing a bounty on his head. He also fired a 2100 yard kill shot outside Baghdad.

His personal honesty and how the war strained his personal relationships, the friends he lost and saw wounded, how he was shot twice - are all very gripping stories that I would highly recommend. I can relate heavily to his stories and would name him a hero, because he would not call himself one - and because of all the service men and women he saved by eliminating from battle enemies mostly before they could fire the first round or rocket at us.

I highly recommend this book to military aficionados, military members, military family members and anyone interested in history in general. The gritty first person perspective of war is often lost in the 24 hour new cycle. American Sniper brings that back with a vengeance. It was a great book and I loved it.

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TSgt Ted "Tedrick" Griffith

*I was given a product free of charge to review. I was told to give my own honest opinions which is what I have done. I was not compensated in any other way.

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