Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - A Child with Autism Bullied by his Teacher and the Father Caught it All

I wanted to share this with everyone and encourage you to do the same. I think it is absolutely despicable this teacher cannot be fired due to tenure after doing this to a child. Her first name is Jodi and she taught at Horace Mann Elementary in Cherry Hill, NJ which is right down the road from us here at McGuire AFB.  The aides have been fired and Jodi has been moved out of the classroom of course. I am hoping and praying she gets so much grief from everyone that it forces her to resign and I sure hope that she apologizes to this father and the little boy. For her to pick on and bully a poor helpless child with special needs that cannot communicate to his father what is going on is horrible. People like this need to be held accountable for what they do! What a despicable human being!
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Elaine said...

My Nephew had a similar situation at school. He was in a class that had autistic kids and misbehaved kids. I couldn't believe it.

My nephew was showing a lot of negative behavior and my sister wasn't sure why. She eventually pieced somethings together and my nephew's therapist got him out of the class. He was out of school for several months until they found somewhere else for him to go.

During the time he was out, another autistic kid (a girl) obtained a broke arm from a "therapeutic" hold the teacher did. He was suspended with pay for a little while. They had trouble getting proof so charges were dropped. The school superintendent and everyone involved said he was an excellent teacher and were behind him 100%. He had prior charges against him for the same thing. They were also dropped for lack of evidence.